Southeast Asia

Activate unused roofs

Behind-the-meter rooftop solar is the fastest and easiest way to:

lower your electricity costs

lower your CO2 emissions

Avoid unfroseen electricity price

lower your electricity costs

lower your electricity costs

lower your electricity costs

Reductions and certainty


Electricty supplied at or below currect tariffs.

Cost certainty

The traffic of the rooftoop solar output is agreed in advance and follows a fixed schedule though out the contract period.

Lower carbon emission

You lower your carbon emission from the electricity consumed from the roftop solar system, compared with that from the grid.

No investment from you requried

Our solution requires no investment or maintenance costs from our customers. We finance the plants and operate the plants and the customer only commits to purchase electricity at a predefined price for a predefined period of time. Locking in the electricity price reduces uncertainties.

Etervis handles all design

Etervis conducts a site survey, writes an assessment report that forms the basis for the final technical proposal.