You can lock in your electricity price and reduce your carbon emissions with a
Power Purchase Agreement.

A Power Purchase Agreement is a long term electricity supply contract between a supplier and a buyer of electricity. Etervis enters into contracts with corporations to supply them with electricity generated from solar power.


Electricity supplied at or below current prices. This advantage is likely to increase in the future as the increase in grid tariffs is accelerating.

Cost certainty

With a Power Purchase Agreement with Etervis, you are locking your electricity costs from the signature of the agreement and for a period of 10-20 years. This gives budget clarity.

Green profile

You are also enhancing your business’ green profile by demonstrably reducing your carbon footprint and creating a better image with an increasing number of climate-aware consumers.

Reductions and certainty


Electricty supplied at or below currect tariffs.

Cost certainty

The traffic of the rooftoop solar output is agreed in advance and follows a fixed schedule though out the contract period.

Lower carbon emission

You lower your carbon emission from the electricity consumed from the roftop solar system, compared with that from the grid.

No investment from you requried

Our solution requires no investment or maintenance costs from our customers. We finance the plants and operate the plants and the customer only commits to purchase electricity at a predefined price for a predefined period of time. Locking in the electricity price reduces uncertainties.

Etervis handles all design

Etervis conducts a site survey, writes an assessment report that forms the basis for the final technical proposal.

Agree electricity tariff and contract length

Once the commercial terms are agreed with the customer, we proceed with preparing a turn-key project including permissions and grid-connection if necessary..

Etervis handles all O&M during the contract

After the plant is operational Etervis will ensure its continued optimal performance. The primary maintenance task is occasional cleaning of the solar panels to ensure optimal output. Repairs or replacement of panels are rare as there are no moving parts and the fail rate of the panels is very low..