Accelerating the transition to clean energy through development and deployment of solar and wind energy plants in Southeast Asia.

We originate projects with the highest potential and cooperate with international long term investors to bring these online.


What we do

Etervis was founded to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

Our geographic focus is fast-growing economies in Southeast Asia, where power consumption is growing rapidly and where private investment can help bridge the public funding gap in generation capacity and at the same time, help lower carbon emissions by installing renewable energy generation capacity.

Etervis develops renewable energy solutions for corporations as well as utilities and as such can offer investors solutions with different characteristics and horizons.

Southeast Asia is seeing rapidly growing industrial bases as global brands and manufacturers are diversifying their supply chains. These same companies are increasingly committed to ambitious targets of reducing or even eliminating their carbon footprints – which is impossible with the coal heavy incumbent baseload generation of most Southeast Asian countries.

Etervis work with these MNCs to provide 0-emission solutions for their manufacturing footprint to help them reduce or even eliminate their carbon emissions from these facilities. Particularly in the solar direct-consumption space where off-takers consume all or most of the output from the solar power plants, the business model today provides lower electricity tariffs for the consumer and good yield for investors – even in subsidized markets, while contributing to lower carbon emissions.